Chapter – 4 | Ledger

In the process of accounting, all the business transactions are recorded in chronological order inJournal. These business transactions are recorded in proper books of accounts. We are aware that all types of business transactions are recorded in Journal e.g. Transactionsrelated to assets, liabilities, expenses, income, cash or credit etc. At the end of the particular … Read more

Chapter – 3 | Journal

Book Keeping records all day to day business transactions on the basis of supporting documents.The word ‘document means a piece of paper which provides detailed information as a legal nature .Document is a legal proof for recording every transaction e.g. when we purchase computer for cash`30,000 we get the cash memo , this cash memo … Read more

Chapter – 2 | Meaning and fundamental of double-entry bookkeeping

Double Entry Book-keeping System is the most scientific method of recording all monetary transactions in the books ofaccounts. This system owes its origin to Italian Merchant “LUCA D. BARGO PACIOLI” on 10th November 1494 and this day is celebrated as International Accounting Day. This system of Bookkeeping is based on the fact that there are … Read more

Chapter – 1 | Introduction to bookkeeping and accountancy

Book-keeping is related with recording of business transactions. Business enterprise and other organizations deal in activities which involve exchange of money or money’s worth. All these activities are recorded for the purpose of taking important decisions as to whether the activities are feasible, profitable and are to be continued or not. Information about the business … Read more

5 Most imp points before buying a Term Insurance plan

A Term insurance plan is the simplest, most basic protection plan that covers the risk of death. A Term insurance policy pays the beneficiary the sum assured (as a lump sum) upon the insured person’s demise. These plans are usually till 85 years of age. An earning individual with dependents should have insurance cover to … Read more

GST State code list, GSTIN search, Check e-invoice status of taxpayer

A. GST State Code List The Goods and Services Tax Identification Number (GSTIN) is a 15-digit unique identification number provided to a taxpayer whoever registered under the GST. The first two numeric digits of a GSTIN represents the state code. Here is a list of all the GST State Codes list: SERIAL NO. STATE NAME … Read more